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About Ashley

Hi! I am Ashley Yandle and welcome to Traveling Toned!

I am a personal trainer, fitness studio owner, traveler, and lover of good food wine. I am originally from LA and moved to San Diego for college. After graduating from UCSD I entered the world of technology and them medical device sales. I thought if I was making enough money I would be happy…I learned that I put way too much of myself into my career to not be emotionally and mentally fulfilled by what I do.

My boyfriend  suggested I take a 3 month break to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life (in typically type A fashion I thought I should just go to grad school lol). I decided to listen to him, and quit my secure corporate job with my 401k and benefits and set off to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life.

I found my passion for helping people transform their lives through health and fitness. I am so thankful to have found the health and fitness world. My clients have become extended family. I have trained them for first dates, weddings, babies, new jobs, vacations, and all the life brings us.

I opened Ashley Lane Fitness in 2012 as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. I absolutely love getting to help people achieve goals they never thought they could and watching them grow physically and mentally. I quickly maxed out on the number of clients I could take in a day and eventually decided to open a large fitness studio in 2016.

My idea was that I would have offer everything at one studio: Indoor Cycling, Bootcamp, yoga, barre, personal training, and I did!! The most amazing community grew out of the studio and I will forever be grateful for the friends I have made and the lessons I have learned.
But in May of 2018, I made a really tough decision and decided to stop all the classes and downsize the studio. I had gotten so far away from why I had opened the studio and my mission, and I was spending more time running the studio than working with clients.

Which brings me to Traveling Toned! I wanted a way to share my tips for enjoying your life while staying healthy and toned with more people! I hope you enjoy Traveling Toned!

Please let me know what health and fitness questions I can answer for you!

Life is going to happen, let me help you stay on track!