5 Tips for Working Out on Vacation

5 Tips for Working Out on Vacation

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Tip 1: Workout the First Day you Arrive. I don’t know about you but, if I don't workout the first day of vacation, it is not going to happen. Set the tone for your trip, and get that first workout in! Once you get into mimosas at breakfast mode, you are not going to be getting in a workout during this vacation. I keep it simple, and usually go for a run my first day. This way I can explore where I am staying and get a lay of the land.

Tip 2: Take a Class at a Local Fitness Studio. Research the local fitness studios in the area and try out a few of their classes. I love using the MindBody app to explore what classes are available in the area. They offer Last Minute deals as well as Intro Offers, which are great if you are going to be staying somewhere for a few days. Fitness studios are great places to meet other fitness minded people who usually have awesome recommendations of other fun things to do in the area (not just fitness related). Also, sign up! This is built in accountability.

Tip 3: Find a Workout Travel Buddy. Like I just mentioned in Tip 2, accountability is key! If you are traveling with someone make workout dates each day, just like you would dinner reservations. Once it is in your itinerary, you are much more likely to get those workouts in! I also prefer to do my workouts in the morning, so they are done and we can enjoy the city the rest of the day.

If you are not traveling with someone, no worries! You can make always use a remote workout buddy. Make a commitment to workout with a friend at home or you can join an accountability group, like my Online Community. There will be an entire group of likeminded fitness friends posting pictures and videos of their workouts and you can all hold each other accountable.


Tip 4: Walk, Hiking, Bike the City. One of my favorite ways to see a city is by foot or bike, and as a bonus you getting in a workout as well. Last time I was in Berlin, we went on a bike tour of the city, with Fat Tire Tours. We were able to learn all about the history of Berlin, see the city, meet people, and get our cardio in.

Tip 5: Follow Your DIY Workouts from the Studio Lifted Online Community. I write all my Studio Lifted Online Community members an Upper Body and Lower Body Workout EVERY WEEK! These workouts can be done with little or no equipment…which means you have no excuse not to workout on your vacation. Plus, its only $14.99 a month to become a member and you get access to my private accountability group.