Quick Full Body Burn

Here is your no excuse workout for today! I know we all are busy, and most of us are still traveling for the holidays.

Today’s workout can be done anywhere, requires zero equipment, and you decide how long it will take.

Let’s do this!!

We are doing 10 exercises and 20 reps of each exercise.⠀_ Jump Squats⠀_ Russian Twist⠀_ Push-ups⠀_ Jump Lunges⠀_ Reverse Sit-up⠀_ Donkey Kicks⠀_ Diamond Shoulder Push-ups⠀_ Sumo Jump Squats⠀_ Tricep Push-ups ⠀ (1).jpg

I love to workout outside so if weather permits lets head outside and knock this Quick Full Body Burn out! Grab a workout buddy and a mat if you like and let’s go!